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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween, a day late--priorities!

What a day yesterday was! We got to put on fun, "human" clothes and see so many kids that wanted candy from our house. We hope you all had a great Halloween and spent fun time with kids or playing pretend! Abbey was a Hawaiian ballerina and Bode a Tampa Bay Bucs fun!

We know it has been a very long time since we wrote and we apologize. Have you ever had life just get away from you? It all started when Tara went to a conference and left us home with Geoff. We all missed her so much, but she was learning new things to help the kids. Then once she got back, there started to be family situations that came up and our computer broke--obviously it is fixed now!

A lesson we learned that we wanted to share was to prioritize all the things in your life. For example, is it ok to skip a meal or the laundry. The answer is the laundry! Pick what is important and cannot wait and then move on to the other things. They will all get done eventually.

We will try to post more often and share our Halloween pictures soon!
Abbey and Bode :)