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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days and when you talk to others, they are also having one? You don't even need to put words to what that means, the other person understands!

Today was one of "those" days! It was exhausting! Every time we turned around there was another speedbump or obstacle that we didn't see. Bode and I may take tomorrow off because of it, but we know our human counterparts don't have that luxury.

The therapists at the office do such a great job of containing their exhaustion and personal feelings when this happens that it is able to stay in the workroom and out of the waiting room and therapy rooms.

Today there was laughter through the rough spots alongside of sarcasm and at times dancing without music.

You read that correctly, we are human (or in our case canine) and do not have some superpower that exempts us from bad experiences, it is how we work through the experience that is what is important. We could chose to shut down, close down, and walk away...but instead we chose to find a way to relieve the stress and move forward.

So next time you are having "one of those days", find someone to laugh with, run with, or whatever helps you move forward and not get stuck...or an early bed time could help too!

Sleepy...oh, so sleepy...
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Good night!

Monday, July 30, 2012

People Watching

Hi Blog Fans!

Life sure does get busy here! We think daily about updating our blog and then run out of time! We would love to ask for more hours in the day, but that may not help either! One of our favorite things to do is ride in the car! We have started to realize a routine most weekdays. We get to take our human brother to school and we wait in the car while Tara takes him inside. This is a great opportunity to people watch; which is what today's topic is going to be about! More on that in a minute! We then usually get to go straight to the office where our clients arrive soon after. Tara said this is about to stop as school is starting back up and the clients cant come that early! We love having clients all day long and then getting the evenings free, but our hours are getting ready to change again! School starts early here...again!

Ok, about that people is even  more fun when people don't know you are there! Many people look at the car because it is running, but don't realize we are inside. We see lots of people fixing their hair, clothes, and some other funny things. It is amazing to see how people act differently when they  know someone is watching.

Have you ever stopped to watch people around you? Isn't it fascinating? You can learn so much! It makes you think about what people learn about you when they are just watching! Are we always on display? Is someone always watching? It may feel like it, but that should help us be able to find who we truly are and live that life!

Talk to you soon!

~~Abbey and Bode

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We were lost...

Well, not really but we felt lost without our computer! The laptop crashed and we couldn't post to keep you updated!

There has been a lot going on, but we wanted to start by talking about elections. We don't get to vote, but we hear Tara encouraging those that can to do their job and vote (or don't complain about the outcome...haha..she probably won't like that we said that!)

Anyhow, it has come to our attention that your voting information is not private. Being in Mental Health, we are BIG on keeping information private and were shocked to learn, like we always do, we researched it and Tara emailed the Director of Elections here in Lee County for us. Sure enough, candidates can get all sorts of information about you! They can know your party affilitation, if you voted in the past elections and how (absentee, in person, etc). The one thing they can't see is who you voted for, but the fact that a candidate can find out your voter history.......well, it is scary! They know if you vote in all elections, primaries, etc. YIKES!

This leads us to our reminder to be careful where you post information, because there is already so much information otu there about you that you don't want to provide anymore than you already do! Check your settings on social networking sites, text messaging and photos you take as many give away your location and you may not want that!

Stay safe and we will be posting again soon now that we have access!!