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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It has been an exhausting few days. The baby and I took a nap together this morning while the adults were getting ready for work and Abbey rested. Abbey has just not been feeling well and does not know why...not to mention we had house guests for the weekend. Rascal and Baxter were here and we played and played. I kept them as busy as I could so that they would leave Abbey alone.

I know I said I would update this blog, but I have not had time and apologize! I am just stopping by today to give you an update on Abbey. She continues to take her medicine, but seems to know when it wears off and can only take it every 12 hours. I heard Tara say that she is taking Abbey to the chiropractor tomorrow. Tara seems nervous, but I know she goes to the chiropractor, so I don't know why Abbey going would make her nervous. Hopefully it will help Abbey feel better so that she can play again.

Yesterday I was SOOO tired. I worked Abbey's clients and mine, which is WAY more than I have ever done in one day. Abbey cried and tried to sneak out for the babysitter. She doesn't understand why she can't go in. I can't wait for her to be back. There are too many clients for me to work with them all by myself.

Time for bed!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sick Leave...

Bode here...

I know it i has been awhile since we updated our blog and we have lots to share! I will start working on that soon. Abbey has been ordered to sick leave by the doctor as she has a pinched nerve/slipped disc in here neck. She is not understanding this, but knows she doesn't feel well. She got some medicine to help today and it seems to be working, as she is finally eating and drinking again.

Looks like I will be the one in the office a lot these next three weeks until Abbey makes a full recovery. She is already fighting this and mad about not being able to work with our clients, but she is not allowed to jump up or get excited or even walk too much! I heard Tara say she may let Abbey work with a teenager or two, as long as she just sits there.

Pray for all of us these next three weeks, as an Abbey who doesn't get to work is a Crabby Abbey!!

Hope to be back soon with more updates....Bode