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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I LOVE Work!

Tara took me to work today. I was so excited...but then she told me that I could just be present and couldn't work. I am feeling a little better today, so this was very sad to me! I was only there for one client and listened to Tara, but it was hard. She caught me staring at her here and I think my eyes clearly show what I wanted... TO WORK!

I went back to the vet yesterday. I don't like it there, but I know they are trying to help me. I tried to sit in Tara's lap...that didn't go so well either! Kim (Tara calls her the tech) and Dr. Trainor are really nice, but I am so scared with the things they try to do to me. I know it is to get me healthy, but shouldn't my blood stay inside of me? Why do they need it?

I have been having some struggles since they diagnosed me and they are rather embarrassing.  Dr. Trainor feels they are side effects to the medicines (I am taking five), but I hate it! I have to go potty all the time and can't hold it. A few times I didn't even know I had to go. Tara has had to wash my bed every day and sometimes her bed (and Abbey's...). I am housebroken, so this is NOT ok! Tara doesn't get mad, but I do. I also keep panting and drinking lots of water. Oh, did I mention that I have not been eating? Dr. Trainor gave me an appetite stimulant, so yesterday and today I ate; however the last week or so I couldn't. I would eat when I had to (maybe a 1/2 cup here and there), but not my full 6 cups a day.

My blood work came back today showing some elevations in my liver, but that was not surprising considering my symptoms. We are going to check back in on Thursday to see how I am I had the best day I have had. Even though Tara wouldn't let me work, I came home and was able to have the energy to play with my two foster sisters. (We got a new foster sister on Sunday!) Tara was so proud of me for playing and so was I! I am crashing now and ready for bed...hoping I have the energy tomorrow too!

Self reflection...I do this a lot! The mirror helps!

We will continue to keep you updated!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treatable vs Curable

Today we learned that there is a big difference between treating something and curing something. Bode's biopsy results came back. He can be treated but what he has is not curable. He has an immune suppression disorder combined with irritable bowel syndrome.

Tonight he started a heavy, eight week, steroid regimen with other antibiotics that will taper throughout. During this, more tests will be run to ensure the dosing and meds do not cause other organs to face difficulty in processing. Goal #1 is to get him to eat and be able to process the food. Once he is eating and putting some of the 16 lbs on that he lost, we will switch to a protein rich prescription food. Goal #2 is to get him to feeling more energized and like himself. Goal #3 (which if you asked Bode, he would say was the first priority) is to get Bode back to work.

He is not thrilled to have to continue 3x a day medication, but believing that it will help has given us all hope. Tonight Tara took him to play with our first foster sibling, Blackey. He lives with our grandparents. Bode was able to play for a few minutes and then they just hung out together. Bode has not eaten more than a 1.5 cups of food this week (he used to eat 6 a day). Goal #1 will hopefully be fast...however we are cautious as they thought the steroid on Monday was supposed to do the same (the one he received through his IV during his procedure), but didn't.

Continue hoping and praying for speedy results so that Bode can return to his favorite thing...WORK!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Bode's Home

Bode got home around 7 tonight. He is sleeping now and still coming out of the anesthesia. Tara said he was so excited to see her, but was so groggy from the meds that he was having trouble standing. Bode is definitely not feeling himself and very much showing signs of pain and discomfort, but who wouldn't be after that.

They were able to update some of the tests before the procedure and were ready to see what the endoscopy showed. The specialist said she was not expecting what she found. Bode's small intestine was instantly reluctant to let the endoscope through. The doctor described what should be rather smooth as appearing to be like a "cobblestone". The endoscope kept getting stuck and causing excessive bleeding. They had to give him a steroid in his IV to reduce the swelling in order to get the scope back out. The biopsies were sent to the lab and should be back on Thursday at the latest. The steroid should also mask some of the discomfort for the next 24-48 hours, but he is still supposed to lay low and remain calm.

Tara has filled us in with the best and worst case scenarios that the doctor shared. It is too much to share here, but once we know for certain, we will share. Bode's quality of life should not be impacted at all--Tara says no matter the outcome, however whatever he has is not curable, only treatable in the doctors eyes.

Bode is snoring with Chicklette cuddled up with him so I think I will go join in.

Tara asked me to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers. The texts, calls, emails, and Facebook messages have been very appreciated.

Bode (along with Tara and I) know our clients are missing him as much as he misses them, but right now he is not able to be in the office.

Until the next update...



Just to update our friends, family, and clients...Bode left with "dad" this morning at 830 to get to the vet by 930. The specialist is pretty far from our house! We have been waiting since then. Tara couldn't stand it anymore, or maybe it was a combo of mine and Chicklette's pacing along with the waiting, so she called the vet around 230. They stated Bode had not had the procedure done yet for a number of reasons, but he was ok and laying calmly in a crate. The vet shared that they would begin the procedure within the hour and that it should not take anymore than an hour. It is now almost two hours later, so we are hoping for a phone call soon....or Tara will probably call again!

We will let you know as soon as we can! The vet said the plan is still for Bode to come home tonight...

until later...


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thanks for the birthday birthday wish...

Wow, I am so overwhelmed with all the birthday messages and emails I received this week, along with get-well messages. It makes Tara, and our whole family, feel supported while we are trying to find out what is going on with me.  So far being 6 is great...yes, I know it has only been 4 days!
My birthday stuffed toys

I am starting to get very nervous about Monday's endoscopy, however I believe Tara is more nervous. You'd think she was the one that was having to go through it. Continued prayers are very welcomed. I am hoping that I feel well enough to get my annual birthday cookie from the Cape Dog Bakery soon...don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new stuffed toys too, but those yogurt frosted cookies that we get for our birthdays are so delicious!
My new "baby"

I have been taking time to read up on what Abbey has been blogging and wanted to add to it. My birthday wish is for all dogs to have a chance at life and not be judged just by the breed they are. Isn't that like what humans call discrimination when someone looks different than the other?
The girls were wishing they had new toys too!

The new McDonald's ad sure isn't helping. I used to love sneaking a french fry here and there, but they no longer get mine (or Abbey's) support. Their latest add is horrible! It compares their new chicken to a stray pit bull (here is the radio ad version: McDonald's Pit Bull Ad). It would be one thing to say "stray dogs", but to specify pit bulls is not okay at all!

Let's focus on not discriminating. Look at this link that shows how a pit bull saved a veteran from taking his own life (Pit Bull Saves Veteran).

I will try to help Abbey keep up with the blog, but I am still not feeling great and it has taken me two whole days to write this blog entry!

With love,