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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beach Day!

We had to share our experience today...we learned what the beach is! It is amazing and relaxing! There are so many things to do and smell. We loved the sand and looking at the water, but we were sure it was trying to get us. People smiled at us and we smiled back...oh what fun!

We are amazed how close this beach place is to our house and plan to go again and walk there. Our paws loved the feel of the sand instead of concrete or grass. The whole experience was great and our smiles showed it.

We highly recommend going to the beach to de-stress!

Abbey and Bode

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blackey got a home!

One more thing...

Abbey and I forgot to announce that the same day I got my head wrapped up from my boo-boo, we found Blackey (our first foster) a forever home! He was so happy and it seems like a great family!

In the two weeks we had him, we really loved him but knew it wasn't forever. We are so proud of Geoff and Tara for finding him a forever home to be loved as much as we are. We are taking a break and then will get our next foster. More news on that when it happens! Blackey was in the shelter 15 months before we got him and then in two short weeks, we were able to successfully place him! We are proud of this quickness, and I think the shelter is too!

Thanks for your support with him and we will let you know who is next so you can help us find that dog a forever home too!


Back to work...

Hey there readers!

It has been some time since we posted and that is mainly because life and time got away from us. I had a major boo-boo...see picture...and I am finally able to work and socialize with everyone again. I think I began to feel depressed because Tara and Geoff wouldn't take me out any where. I was mad about not working and slept a lot. I know it was the doctor's rule, but I don't care...I want to work all the time! It is really hard when we like to do something and can't do it! I am sure everyone knows what that is like. At least I am feeling better and my ear is healed so I can be more successful.

I went yesterday to see some kids, but I also learned that I was feeling a 100% yet and slept most of the sessions. At least I got out! I am ready to be off these antibiotics. Tara thought she outsmarted me by hiding them in cheese and then ham, but I spit them back out! I keep getting peanut butter twice a day and she tells me good job, but I know there is no medicine in the peanut butter....or could there be?

Abbey and I are going to try to be better about posting...sorry for our distance!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bode is 3 today!!!!!!!!!!1

Happy Birthday, Bode!

Today we had a birthday celebration for his 3rd birthday. Actually, we picked this day as his birthday because no one really knows when it is--but don't tell that to Bode! We all, Blackey, Bode, and I, got treats from the Dog Bakery and they were delicious! Bode ate his the fastest and Blackey acted like he had never had one before, which is quite possible!

It was such a good day! We got to run and play, watch the Superbowl...the real one and the puppybowl, and sleep on whatever furniture we wanted! Bode sprawled out on the maser bed and I took a loveseat with Blackey on the outside couch!

What does everyone else do for their Birthday's? Mine is coming up in March...I wonder what is planned for that....

Alright time to finish sleeping through this Superbowl thing!