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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bode is 3 today!!!!!!!!!!1

Happy Birthday, Bode!

Today we had a birthday celebration for his 3rd birthday. Actually, we picked this day as his birthday because no one really knows when it is--but don't tell that to Bode! We all, Blackey, Bode, and I, got treats from the Dog Bakery and they were delicious! Bode ate his the fastest and Blackey acted like he had never had one before, which is quite possible!

It was such a good day! We got to run and play, watch the Superbowl...the real one and the puppybowl, and sleep on whatever furniture we wanted! Bode sprawled out on the maser bed and I took a loveseat with Blackey on the outside couch!

What does everyone else do for their Birthday's? Mine is coming up in March...I wonder what is planned for that....

Alright time to finish sleeping through this Superbowl thing!


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