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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to work...

Hey there readers!

It has been some time since we posted and that is mainly because life and time got away from us. I had a major boo-boo...see picture...and I am finally able to work and socialize with everyone again. I think I began to feel depressed because Tara and Geoff wouldn't take me out any where. I was mad about not working and slept a lot. I know it was the doctor's rule, but I don't care...I want to work all the time! It is really hard when we like to do something and can't do it! I am sure everyone knows what that is like. At least I am feeling better and my ear is healed so I can be more successful.

I went yesterday to see some kids, but I also learned that I was feeling a 100% yet and slept most of the sessions. At least I got out! I am ready to be off these antibiotics. Tara thought she outsmarted me by hiding them in cheese and then ham, but I spit them back out! I keep getting peanut butter twice a day and she tells me good job, but I know there is no medicine in the peanut butter....or could there be?

Abbey and I are going to try to be better about posting...sorry for our distance!

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