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Sunday, March 29, 2009

We did it!

Just thought we would share our success in teaching! It was so much fun and now we know what to expect when we do it again in Orlando in June! Lesson from Therapy Dogs....Life can be RUFF! went great! Abbey slept through portions and Bode couldn't get enough attention! We had great feedback and the attendees told us things we taught them about themselves and their practice that they didn't realize.

Our favorite exercise is the Thank You Circle! No matter what profession you are in, you never hear thank you enough. This goes for family life too. There are many times we take for granted what is going on and don't remember that a simple thank you can go so far!

Thank you to all who read this and thank you to those that let us teach you!

Abbey and Bode

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are teaching tomorrow...

We are so excited to teach our first workshop. We have everything packed and have been practicing. Tara seems very nervous, but we just keep packing more and more toys. Abbey heard Tara say there are no kids there, we aren't sure what that means but can't wait to show off! Bode is trying his best to practice not giving all adults hugs unless they ask.

We think we are ready! Have you ever had to speak or present? Maybe it will be scary, but we think it will be nothing but fun.

Wish us luck, our presentation is called: Lessons from Therapy Dogs...Life can be RUFF!

Abbey and Bode

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foster or more...

It's Abbey again, but Bode is with me. We forgot to announce our new foster dog. Zoe came to live with us on Sunday. She is a Boston Great Dane and so nice. She had a very rough year where she was hurt by the other dogs in her home.

Zoe is settling right in and sharing our couches and beds with us. Zoe is afraid of many things and we are all working with her to show her what is safe. I think those other dogs really caused some fear in her. Zoe and Bode love to run in the back yard (Tara calls them figure 8's). I like to get out of there way and cuddle with them when they are done!

I heard some talk that we may adopt her. I would be ok with this since we all love each other very much and Zoe has had a really hard life.--she even has scars to prove it! Bode likes having someone bigger than him...yes that is right, Zoe is actually bigger than Bode! They both weigh the same, but she is taller and longer.

I hope that there are more people out there that are fostering kids and dogs and helping them find their forever place in someones heart!

Abbey...and Bode too!

Yucky feelings...

Hi, it's Abbey!

I am still recovering from getting my teeth cleaned. What an adventure! I had to sleep during it and the medicine made me feel really funny? Have you ever felt yucky from medicine?

I am so glad Tara got to stay with me because I get scared really easy. As I was starting to fall asleep I got to sit on her lap and doze off. I couldn't even get my legs to work. After I took awhile to open my eyes, but was so glad to see Tara. I tried to walk to her but I couldn't move. We came home and Zoe and Bode were so nice to me. They kept checking on me and laying on the couch with me.

My mouth feels great and I got to eat homemade chicken and rice yesterday and today, but boy I don't want to take that medicine again!

I hope everyone that has to take yucky feeling medicine has someone they love with them like I did!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too Cool...

Hey it's Bode! I know we just posted a welcome to Julie, however I wanted to let you know about something I have learned. I have learned how to exert my power and say "No". That's right, I will now shake my head "no" if I do not want to do what you ask of me.

Tara seems a little worried about this, but it did shock some of our clients and help therapeutically (Tara always uses that word). She said I implemented this power appropriately with a couple of clients but she seems worried I may just start to say "no" to everything. I would never say "no" to cookies and love...but we'll have to see how else this new trick plays out!

I wonder what else I can learn that will surprise our clients, and Tara too....hmmmm.....

While I was exerting my coolness, I tried on Geoff's sunglasses and got caught by a picture. Abbey is making me post it. Enjoy!



We are so excited to announce a new counselor at our office! Julie Corbin has joined us at Delta Family Counseling. Julie started this week and will be helping us see all the kids in need of someone to talk and play with.

Welcome, Julie!

Abbey and Bode

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's March and there seem to be so many celebrations happening! Bode's birthday was February 1st, mine is coming on March 31st, and there are many things that the humans keep going to. We are learning that because we have 4 legs, we are not always welcomed at these places. We are ok with some of this, but know we are missing fun somewhere--Tara says that we would not have fun at some of them! We had to go stay with Gracie and Dante this weekend because Tara and Geoff were at a wedding for Chad, he is our friend too. Weddings sound boring to me, so I am ok with this. We had a lot of fun with our play date weekend but are glad to be home and catching up on snuggling time!

I am wondering what everyone else thinks about celebrations--do you have a favorite or a least favorite? I think birthdays are my favorite because we get special treats with yogurt frosting on them--yum!

Now I am really excited for my birthday!