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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foster or more...

It's Abbey again, but Bode is with me. We forgot to announce our new foster dog. Zoe came to live with us on Sunday. She is a Boston Great Dane and so nice. She had a very rough year where she was hurt by the other dogs in her home.

Zoe is settling right in and sharing our couches and beds with us. Zoe is afraid of many things and we are all working with her to show her what is safe. I think those other dogs really caused some fear in her. Zoe and Bode love to run in the back yard (Tara calls them figure 8's). I like to get out of there way and cuddle with them when they are done!

I heard some talk that we may adopt her. I would be ok with this since we all love each other very much and Zoe has had a really hard life.--she even has scars to prove it! Bode likes having someone bigger than him...yes that is right, Zoe is actually bigger than Bode! They both weigh the same, but she is taller and longer.

I hope that there are more people out there that are fostering kids and dogs and helping them find their forever place in someones heart!

Abbey...and Bode too!

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