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Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're back open!

What an adventure the last week has been! Tara broke her hand right before our big move and the the city took forever for their permitting. Finally, we are back to work. It was so wonderful to see the client's reactions to our bigger space. The canal view is so soothing and some of the kids incorporated it into their play. The best news is that we are so close to home now, that we both got to work in the same day!

Abbey enjoyed her sessions and found the puppet show one of the clients put on to be enlightening. She was able to watch him role play the trauma he has experienced in his life through the bigger puppet area that we now have. After releasing his trauma, he laid with her on the floor and rolled around and giggled with all the kisses she provided him. That was the first time that little boy has bounced out of a session and a visible release was seen through his posture.

Bode worked with a family and used some sensory tools to encourage them to work together and recognize how they interpret things differently. It was amazing to see the realization that this was ok to be different and perceive things differently yet be in the same family. It was even better that a whole family, Tara and Bode could all fit in the new-improved-extra-large playroom.

We'll keep you updated on our adventures now that we have grown and have more room to work!

Abbey and Bode

Monday, April 14, 2008

One way secrets...

Hi, it's Abbey and I wanted to share about some of Bode and I's ability with the kids. Today a little boy I was working with was playing a board game and kept saying he needed to say something but was scared to tell Tara. Eventually he whispered it to me and I KNOW Tara needs to know, but I don't know what to do to tell her. The little boy said Bode and I help cause we keep his secrets for him, but he is able to share them if he wants. He called it a one way secret and I loved that name...Tara did too! It is nice to have the kids trust us and know that we can listen unconditionally.

Tara and I reinforced the safety of the play room and the ability to leave bad things there so they aren't so heavy to carry around. He definitely left me with something and I hope he shares it with Tara so he can feel better and be a happy, healthier little boy in the future!

We're Moving...

It's official, this weekend is our big move to a bigger play room for our therapy practice. Tara calls it hers, but it is really ours! There will be space for us to hang out with the kids and nap when there are sessions we aren't needed! This is such an awesome thing for us as our practice is growing and we can better serve all the kids with their therapy needs. We also will have CARES and an adult therapist in the suite with us...yea to serving more people!!

Stay tuned for updates as we settle in and get back to seeing more kids!

Bode and Abbey

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sand Therapy and Pet Therapy...

Today I worked with a client that didn't really need me in her session, but I was able to learn from her. She played with me and pet me, however she seemed more into using the sand tray. Tara allows many of the kids to play in the sand (I don't like the way it tastes or feels on my paws). Sand apparently is therapeutic for humans, but as a dog, I just want to dig in it!

This client was talking about something really bad that happened to her and as she put her hands in the sand and moved them around, she began to talk more. She then put some colored stones into the sand and buried them. As she continued to bury and then search, she began to talk more and more about things she has experienced. I sat next to her and chewed on a chewy while we listened to her processing this trauma. As she played and talked, her breathing slowed down and her shoulders relaxed---something about the sand substance appeared to soothe her and I have seen this with many of the other kids too.

What a relaxing and growing experience to be there to feel the energy change within the room while the kids use the sand...maybe we all should take beach days to relax ourselves in big sand boxes every so often!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good bye Mama...

Abbey's birthday was a good day and sad day at the same time. Mama passed away and we all began to experience our own grief that we work so hard with all the kids on. Mama was Geoff's grandmother, and we began to love visiting her at the nursing home.

We learned this week that taking your own mental health days, along with your human counter parts, is critical in being able to return to work and do the best job possible. There are many reasons for mental health days, but when you have a loss it is critical to spend time with your family and with yourself to remember the good times.

We played fetch, laid around, watched TV, and visited with family. We are noticing our own family members experiencing different grief stages and trying to cope with others being in a different stage.

We may be getting a new office, pray for us as it would be closer to home and we could go every day as we would have our own room to rest when we aren't with the kids!

Until next time~~ Abbey and Bode