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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I got to go too...

Bode here...Abbey left out that I went to a park that same night, but with our dog friends! We are still learning new things with our trainer, Jen, and Geoff took me to a group class.

I did so good and practiced on the agility course..then I went down the slide!! I am so proud of myself and my K-9 friends! We jumped and romped while we celebrated our success...can big dogs like me do agility...YES, we can!!

I can't wait to go back and bring Abbey to show her too!


A Day at the Park...

I love the park!! Monday I met one of our clients there. She is 4 and has really bad anxiety about playing on the jungle gym. After some session work, we decided to meet and try out the park and Tara brought me along...I think she thought Bode was too big for the park!

We got there and the client was excited to see me. We said our hellos as walked around in the sand...what fun!! I am excited again just sharing it with you. After exploring, we went to the smaller of the two jungle gym stations. I quick climbed to the top and sat down. Tara followed but our client stood at the bottom and cried. Her mom seemed scared, so Tara reassured the mother. I walked back down and sat with the client looking at her. Finally she took a step and I went with her, again sitting at her side. We did this for all four steps and then walked across a small bridge. It was so great! There were kids, dogs, people everyone...Tara says to be careful as she didnt know if I was allowed on there, but it was working!

We sat down and played a little and then gave a choice of the tunnel or a slide to get down. We walked to slide and down went our client to her mother. (I took the stairs!) I wanted to see the bigger jungle gym, so we ventured over there next. We walked around and sat at the bottom of all three slides and rock walls. We practiced picking up our feet and then off I climbed to the very top...VERY high! It was so fun. I came back down and our client asked to go with me. Off we went to the top and back down...NO CRYING! She did great!!

We came down and went to the swings were I laid down and the adults and client talked about how proud they were and recounted all the things we did...oh what fun! I want to go back!!

At the end, I got a hug and our client said that I kept her safe...this is what it is all about--showing a child how to overcome fear to have fun!

Play time for all!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Allergic to playroom?

Hi, it's Abbey!

Have you ever had itchy skin and you don't know why? Well this has been happening to me lately in the office. I get itchy and a slight rash in my ears and I don't want this to happen! Tara has cleaned everything and cannot figure out what causes. I don't want to stop working!!

We cleaned every toy, carpet, blanket, pillow, chair, and more...nothing is helping! It happens in the CARES side and our offices...what is bothering my skin!! I have taken some benedryl, but that doesn't always help. I really want to be there with the kids but I itch SOOOO bad!!

Could I be allergic to my favorite thing...WORK? Tara has thought about taking me to the doctor, but 15 minutes after we leave work, my skin quickly clears up and I am not itchy anymore. Everyone is stumped! Any ideas on how to get through this?

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

We have been busy....

Sorry for not keeping up with our blog. Our life has been very busy but enjoyable. Just to get you up to date, we are working hard at our phobia of being around other dogs and starting to make new friends. Veronica, our intern, graduated and we are hoping to hire her on so that we all (Tara, too) can help more kids. Geoff celebrated a BIG birthday and they went on a cruise...did you know dog's are not allowed on cruise ships--NO FAIR! It sounded so fun, except for all that water...that part is very scary.

Baxter, Rascal, and Brooke stayed a few days with us again! We love visitors!

Oh and the biggest is almost Christmas...we love Christmas!! Our tree is up with presents under it (we can't tell if they are for us or not), but we love to sleep next to the tree! There are many new things in the neighborhood that startle us on our walks...we don't like blow up lawn ornaments! We bark at ours every night when the timer turns it on. It just doesn't seem right! The lights are so pretty though!

We hope each of your are getting ready for your winter holidays and would love to hear about your favorite things! We will try to blog more as we miss keeping up with everyone!

With love,
Abbey and Bode