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Monday, April 20, 2009

Great News for Those in Need!

From: The DOGSWELL® Bow-Wow Bailout

As we all know, a lot of people have lost their jobs or had their hours or pay cut because of this economic crisis. The sad part is that more and more families are forced to turn their pets into shelters because they simply cannot afford them any more. DOGSWELL® has decided it is time to give back!

Beginning April 15th, DOGSWELL® will be launching The DOGSWELL® Bow-Wow Bailout.DOGSWELL® is committed to providing up to 10,000 free bags of DOGSWELL® dry foodfor dogs, one per household, to those that have lost their job, taken a pay cut or had their hours cut due to this economic downturn. We are doing everything we can to ensure that more pets stay in their homes. We will also be attaching a coupon to each bag sent out for use at a local independent pet retailer so they can replenish their supply at a deep discount.

The details . . .The DOGSWELL® Bow-Wow Bailout will last from April 15th through May 15th. Applicants must fill out a redemption form. This form can be found at, by emailing or calling 888.559.8833. Redemption forms can be submitted via email -, fax - 877.730.7877, or mail - DOGSWELL®, Attn: Bow-Wow Bailout, 1964 Westwood Blvd. Ste. 350, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

We are really excited to give something back and thank you for helping us spread the word!For complete Terms and Conditions, please see our website you have any questions, please feel free to email or callDOGSWELL® at 888.559.8833.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! It is amazing to see the sense of family and community in the neighborhood today. Children are hunting for Easter Eggs, families are gathering for feasts, and there are smiles abound!

Remember your canines today and don't let us get to the candy or food--it could hurt us--no matter how hard we beg! Tara and Geoff always have special treats that we can have so we don't feel so left out! Bode's favorite's are "ice-cookies" and Abbey love pieces of Bode's food:) For those that don't know, "ice-cookies" are pieces of ice out of the door dispenser!

Enjoy the special day and remember the reason for celebrating!

Abbey and Bode!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Abbey!

Yesterday was Abbey's birthday. She turned 4! What a great day for her! Tara took her to the dog bakery where she picked out cookies for all of us and then at night we enjoyed them. Yum yum!

It is so great to spend birthday's with those you love. We had a lot of ups and downs yesterday though, too. Zoe left and we didn't get to say good-bye to her. I think I am having the hardest time with this. I loved having someone my size to play with and we wrestled and ran and napped together! I definitely am missing her and pouted some of the day.

Tara took her to the vet and she never came back! The lady at the vet fell in love with her and asked to adopt her, at least that is what I heard the humans saying. I loved her too, but there was a lot of dog in our house with the three of us and our sizes. I wish I could see her, play, and say good-bye. It is always hard to say good-bye!

Oh boy, it is hard to have days with good and bad things in them! Onward to today...