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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We don't eat these, but in case you do....

Posted on our news site...a recall for dog sure to remove from your house if you have them!

FLORIDA: Pet Smart is voluntarily recalling dog biscuits because of potential salmonella contamination.
Seven varieties of Great Choice dog biscuits are being recalled because they contain peanut paste made at the same facility that's been linked to a salmonella outbreak.
It’s important to note that so far none of the biscuits have tested positive for salmonella.
The recall is being issued as a precaution only.
Salmonella is a bacteria found in raw meats, poultry and eggs. It also can be found in some reptiles, small pets and animal feces. It’s spread by contact between one of these sources and another product or human.
For more information, please contact your doctor, visit CDC website at or FDA website at

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We are family....

We have great news....we are now a foster family! We have a new dog in our house, "Blackey". He is looking for a permanent home and gets to stay with us until they find him one! Here he is:

Blackey has been in the shelter for a long time as his owner died. He is very lovable! He is getting along with all 4 of us (Abbey, Bode, Geoff, and Tara). He mastered the doggie door after 2 tries and knows lots of commands! He gets to stay at our house until we find him a good home...if you are interested, please let us know so we can help him become your new friend!

Abbey and I can't wait to help all these other pups find good homes like we have, and share ours until that happens!

We will post more pictures, when we take them!

Abbey and Bode!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Arts and me...

Another first for me...this is Abbey! I went to the art festival on Sunday. What a fun time that was! I got to meet other dogs and people while Geoff and Tara kept looking at "things". I have never been pet by so many kids in such a short was great!

We got to walk around, a lot! People had places for me to drink water with other dogs and I even got to see some dogs that need a home. There are so many that don't get a good place to live and I wish we could help them all! Any how, the art festival! There was so many yummy smells and I think I ate lots of things I wasn't supposed to--thanks to all who drop while they eat :)

Tara and Geoff got many compliments on how well behaved I am and how well I listen to them. The kettle korn lady said she wanted to have a dog like me at home! I had so much fun!

There were a few times when it was really crowded and my tail went in--I felt like I was going to lose Geoff and Tara (I always forget they hold that leash thing on me). I did good healing and even some vendors stopped to chat. Everyone kept saying, "she is so pretty, what is she?" I wonder what that means...can't I just be an Abbey? Some said I looked like a character from Dr. Seuss...what's that? Tara told my story of rescue and being a lemon least the thought I was pretty!

I hope you all had a fun weekend too!