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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Arts and me...

Another first for me...this is Abbey! I went to the art festival on Sunday. What a fun time that was! I got to meet other dogs and people while Geoff and Tara kept looking at "things". I have never been pet by so many kids in such a short was great!

We got to walk around, a lot! People had places for me to drink water with other dogs and I even got to see some dogs that need a home. There are so many that don't get a good place to live and I wish we could help them all! Any how, the art festival! There was so many yummy smells and I think I ate lots of things I wasn't supposed to--thanks to all who drop while they eat :)

Tara and Geoff got many compliments on how well behaved I am and how well I listen to them. The kettle korn lady said she wanted to have a dog like me at home! I had so much fun!

There were a few times when it was really crowded and my tail went in--I felt like I was going to lose Geoff and Tara (I always forget they hold that leash thing on me). I did good healing and even some vendors stopped to chat. Everyone kept saying, "she is so pretty, what is she?" I wonder what that means...can't I just be an Abbey? Some said I looked like a character from Dr. Seuss...what's that? Tara told my story of rescue and being a lemon least the thought I was pretty!

I hope you all had a fun weekend too!

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