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Friday, December 17, 2010

We would love to do this....

Have you seen the rest stories on therapy dogs helping college students study for exams? How fun would that be? Even better, we could help the children study for their FCAT and relieve anxieties. Alright, SWFL. call us to get this started at your school!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shep makes a guest appearance....

We have asked our fellow canine therapists to make appearances here on the blog. Shep is the first to do so. He is currently in training and has only worked two days in the office. 

Here is what Shep has to say:
"On Monday, December 13th, I, a German Shepard Dachshund mix, took my first steps towards becoming a therapy dog at Delta Family Counseling. I enjoyed meeting Buster, another therapy dog at the office that works (and lives) with Julie, and several clients.

I recently became certified as a P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Working Saints) Ministry Pet and began visiting a local nursing home once a month.  I get plenty of attention at the nursing home, but as a therapy dog I find I am freer to be myself and can lose the leash! I found the play environment exciting and enjoyed interacting with clients."

Today, Abbey and Shep worked with clients and she approved of this young pup starting his mental health career!

Onward we go....six tails a wagging at Delta Family Counseling!!

We look forward to introducing you to our other canine co-therapists!

Abbey and Bode

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It was 34 degrees in SW Florida this morning!!!!

Burrr!! We cannot seem to get out from under these blankets and are staying cuddled together. Work is hard to go to because we get so cold so fast. Are you staying warm where you are? What are some of your favorite things to do when it is cold outside? Last night we sat by the fire with our blankets and it was so nice!

Tara told us we are like bears who hibernate for winter to stay warm. Maybe we should look into that!

Back to the blankets....
Abbey and Bode

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hiding places...

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays continue, we find ourselves needing a time out at times. Do you give yourself a timeout or say "no" to the many things asked of you? Saying "no" can be difficult but necessary!

We are learning more and more of our limits in life and in working with our clients, however we find that even Tara has a hard time with this concept. In fact, she is up helping me (Abbey) write this right now and it is way past when we should be in bed!

I have a favorite hiding place at the office and sometimes share it with the clients. It is the tent we have where the baby dolls sleep. There is even a flap that can be put down and you can be completely out of sight! Last week I had a couple of days that I was in there and was able to show the clients my need for the flap to be closed.

At home, I have my bed that is in Bode and I's room, or if I really need a break, I also can go under the guest bed! When I am in either of these places, everyone in the house knows it is my way of giving myself a timeout!

Taking just a few minutes or a few hours to rest and break away, we can rejuvenate ourselves.

Where do you hide? Let's talk about it!

With love,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brrr....It sure is cold outside!

Yes, I know we live in SW Florida, but this is way too cold! Last night at work and again this morning it was too cold for me! Believe it or not, the temperatures were in the 30s this morning! Abbey has thicker fur than I do, but she was even cold!

We had some of the best clients last night that helped us help them. The cold weather brought out some snuggle time for us with our clients and it helped them just talk....I don't think they realized it helped us stay warm! I was so cold that I didn't even want to get off the couch in the playroom to greet clients, I just waited for them to come back to the room to get started! Thankfully Tara let me borrow a sweatshirt (it was still a little tight, but it sure kept me warm)!

Today we are well rested and I have "my" sweatshirt by the door ready to go see more clients. I hope we can stay nice and warm again.

Here is another picture a client took of me when she thought I needed the hood from the hoodie on....
Until next time...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Smiling floppy ear to floppy ear...

It is freezing here in Southwest Florida, but we just were checking some email with Tara and learned some great news that warmed our heart. Our blog (yes, this one) has been chosen as a featured blog by TeachStreet!

Someone recommended us and we just can't stop smiling!

We know we haven't been the best at keeping this updated, but promise to do much better now! We are going to talk tonight about some of the great things that have been happening and share with you very soon!

Until then, we are going to try to stay warm so we are refreshed for work tomorrow!

Tail wags,

Abbey and Bode

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