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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hiding places...

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays continue, we find ourselves needing a time out at times. Do you give yourself a timeout or say "no" to the many things asked of you? Saying "no" can be difficult but necessary!

We are learning more and more of our limits in life and in working with our clients, however we find that even Tara has a hard time with this concept. In fact, she is up helping me (Abbey) write this right now and it is way past when we should be in bed!

I have a favorite hiding place at the office and sometimes share it with the clients. It is the tent we have where the baby dolls sleep. There is even a flap that can be put down and you can be completely out of sight! Last week I had a couple of days that I was in there and was able to show the clients my need for the flap to be closed.

At home, I have my bed that is in Bode and I's room, or if I really need a break, I also can go under the guest bed! When I am in either of these places, everyone in the house knows it is my way of giving myself a timeout!

Taking just a few minutes or a few hours to rest and break away, we can rejuvenate ourselves.

Where do you hide? Let's talk about it!

With love,

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