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Friday, May 25, 2012


There is no doubt that we love each other other. Not all siblings get along like we do, but there is so much love that we have for each other. It all started with the day Abbey picked Bode out. We aren't sure why, but felt like we should recap the story of us!

In June of 2005, Abbey was chosen to join our family. She was a wedding present that our human parents got each other when they returned from their honeymoon. She was sad to leave her brother, as their mom and sister had already been adopted. Tara had fallen in love instantly and so did Abbey.

Abbey learned to be spoiled, like only children do. She loved going places with our parents and even more so when it was training classes or the dog park. She even made a friend names Chloe that we still get to keep in touch with. Chloe's mom lives in Orlando but her grandma lives in SW Florida like we do!

In April of 2006 Abbey really wanted a sibling. Our parents agreed and off they went looking for me. They checked around at different rescues, looked online, and more. Our Aunt was volunteering at a shelter one day and I was patiently waiting to meet my forever family. Three dogs were chosen for Abbey to meet and I was one of them. From what I hear, Abbey turned her back and wouldn't even look at the first two...then I came in. As soon as I saw her, she did a play bow and we wrestled and rolled. It was love at first sight.

The shelter told everyone I was a hound mix and about 16 weeks old. They said they guessed I would be no more than 40lbs. That was my little secret....

(C) Delta Family Counseling, LLC
Even at work, I listen and Abbey gets to claim the comfy spots first!

I followed Abbey everywhere. I didn't make Tara teach me much as Abbey took the lead. She taught be where we are allowed to go to the bathroom, how to behave to get extra treats, and more. She is an amazing big sister! She even convinced Tara to teach me how to be a good counselor and we all get to work together.

Six years later, here we are! I am not a hound and I just weighed in at the vet this week a little over 150lbs! Yup, I am a Great Dane mix.

Abbey will always be my big sister, even though I am much "bigger" than she is. She knows how to teach me still and I am a good listener.

Do you show your siblings how much you love them? You should!

With love,


Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hi, it's Bode!

I was so excited about doing another school workshop next week but then they cancelled. My feelings are really hurt as to why, especially considering Tara and I were going to talk to the students about self esteem!

As you may or may not know, we visit schools as often as we can to talk to children about safety around dogs and then usually have a lesson with it. Mostly the teachers ask for lessons on self esteem or test anxiety.

I thought we were making waves with all the invitations and having such great feedback about our interactions, but not with this school! The teacher was able to schedule us and confirm with her administration, however when they learned that I was a "LARGE Therapy Dog", they said only if I was small. What? How is that fair? Abbey doesn't really like large group work like I do, so I go with Tara to all the schools and large workshops, and Abbey does small groups along with the clients we see.

I guess I am a little big for this house...
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Again, because of my size (which I don't think I am that big), I am shut out of something! Luckily the presentation we have coming up was able to make accommodations for Somer and I to travel with Liz and Tara as originally they said we were too big to sleep in the hotel, but we were ok'd to be there to present. Strange, but like I said we are all set now!

I am wondering how you handle being told you can't do something because of something that is out of your control? Tara and I played lots of games to recoup from the news and that helped, but it still doesn't seem fair!

Now that I am typing this, I realize this is sort of how my foster sister, Gemini, must feel. She is a great dog, only 3 1/2 months and already housebroken and learning manners. When Tara takes her out to meet people and they realize she is part pit bull, they actually say she is no longer cute (after they oohed and awed over her). That is just as sad...and she will probably  be big since she is already over 20lbs!

Meet Gemini...she is still looking for her forever home
(c) Delta Family Counseling, LLC 2012

Until next time...


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

You should love your mom every day of your life....and show her! In case you don't, there is a day called Mother's Day, it is today (hope you already knew that!), to remind you and give you lots of ideas on how to spoil your mom.

We love our mom so much! We try to remind her every day with lots of love and closeness. We know we are adopted, so that makes our relationship even more special to us. We were chosen! No matter how your relationship with your mom happened, it is unique!

Some of our clients had trouble this week with knowing Mother's Day was approaching. When you have had your mom die, have been taken away from her for various reasons, or maybe never even knew her, you may turn to someone else. That new "mom" will never be the same as the woman you were born too, but in some cases that is so much better!

The definition of mom was also debated this week by some of our clients. Is a mom someone that you are born to or does it take more to be a mom? What about the term mother? Everyone has their own definitions for each. Sometimes they are emotionally driven and sometimes they are just words.

To us, our mom is Tara and she is not only our mom, but our trainer, coach, co-therapist, and more!

Before we sign off, we want to let you know that we are thinking of those of you that are struggling with the loss of your mom, the loss of a child, and those that are trying hard to become a mom and experiencing struggles with that. Today is hard for you and we know that!

In honor of moms of all kinds...Happy Mother's Day!


Abbey and Bode

Monday, May 7, 2012

Amazing people...

So we find ourselves apologizing, again, for the delay in posting. We have been very busy had some ups and downs. First--we realized we forgot to tell you that Bode made his last step down on the meds and is looking like he is almost done and back to his new health.

We have three new foster siblings. Yes, that is right...there are five of us in the house along with our humans. Sleigh Belle came back today. We haven't heard much, other than her family decided it was not a forever placement. We will post more when Tara tells us.

Bo Duke, we call him "Duke" is a coonhound/beagle mix that has lots of energy. We have worked hard to teach him quite a bit. He was afraid of doorways and leashes, but will now go for walk (quite eagerly) and let's himself in and out of the doggie door.

Gemini came to us with her sister Virgo for the Dog Days of Summer baseball game. Virgo went back to Naples to get adopted and Gemini was supposed to, but that family backed out. She is really fun, but only 3 months old. She is a pit bull mix, but not the type of pit bull people are scared of. She is so loving and enjoys playing with our human brother.

After that baseball game, Duke and Gemini got sick. Then Bode got sick and now Abbey is coughing. Our house went on  what they call "puppy quarantine". We cant work or be around other dogs and the foster pups cant go to events. We are hoping it is gone and Sleigh Belle doesn't get it.

We have continue to keep ourselves busy and are having fun, but that is what we do best!

Bode got to go to Skyline Elementary a couple weeks ago and had an amazing time. He visited Mrs. Salyers (AKA Aunt Ezzie), Mrs. Rice, and Mrs Ruska's room. Bode was so happy to be back teaching classroom lessons that he didn't stop sharing about it for days! We all want to go next.

A few days later we received some pretty amazing cards and letters. They had pictures of Bode on them and were so talented. The cards came to Bode, Tara, and Rachael--she is our new intern at the practice.  We loved reading how much the self esteem lesson meant to the kids and how much they enjoyed interacting with Bode. Most of them seemed surprised by his size and the fact that he was so gentle to give treats to.

Some of the students asked us to respond, and we will try to do that individually, but wanted this blog to get to them too! When we need to feel better about ourselves, we do all sorts of things. Talking to a friend who always has nice things to say is one of our favorites. Tara and Rachael enjoy playing with their human and canine kids.

Due to confidentiality, we were not able to take pictures.

As you can see...we have continued to encounter many amazing people and we can't wait to see who is next! We hope the 4th graders from Skyline continue to do amazing things and remember the lesson from Bode and their teachers.

Until next time...hopefully sooner!

Bode and Abbey