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Friday, May 25, 2012


There is no doubt that we love each other other. Not all siblings get along like we do, but there is so much love that we have for each other. It all started with the day Abbey picked Bode out. We aren't sure why, but felt like we should recap the story of us!

In June of 2005, Abbey was chosen to join our family. She was a wedding present that our human parents got each other when they returned from their honeymoon. She was sad to leave her brother, as their mom and sister had already been adopted. Tara had fallen in love instantly and so did Abbey.

Abbey learned to be spoiled, like only children do. She loved going places with our parents and even more so when it was training classes or the dog park. She even made a friend names Chloe that we still get to keep in touch with. Chloe's mom lives in Orlando but her grandma lives in SW Florida like we do!

In April of 2006 Abbey really wanted a sibling. Our parents agreed and off they went looking for me. They checked around at different rescues, looked online, and more. Our Aunt was volunteering at a shelter one day and I was patiently waiting to meet my forever family. Three dogs were chosen for Abbey to meet and I was one of them. From what I hear, Abbey turned her back and wouldn't even look at the first two...then I came in. As soon as I saw her, she did a play bow and we wrestled and rolled. It was love at first sight.

The shelter told everyone I was a hound mix and about 16 weeks old. They said they guessed I would be no more than 40lbs. That was my little secret....

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Even at work, I listen and Abbey gets to claim the comfy spots first!

I followed Abbey everywhere. I didn't make Tara teach me much as Abbey took the lead. She taught be where we are allowed to go to the bathroom, how to behave to get extra treats, and more. She is an amazing big sister! She even convinced Tara to teach me how to be a good counselor and we all get to work together.

Six years later, here we are! I am not a hound and I just weighed in at the vet this week a little over 150lbs! Yup, I am a Great Dane mix.

Abbey will always be my big sister, even though I am much "bigger" than she is. She knows how to teach me still and I am a good listener.

Do you show your siblings how much you love them? You should!

With love,


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