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Saturday, May 29, 2010

This week's adoptable...

Meet Opie....

Hello, I am Opie and I was brought to the shelter, because my owner could not afford to look after me anymore. I have been here a really long time and want a home to call my own. I am very laid back and would love to live with someone who has a big yard. I would love to have a doggy door and be able to come in and out as I choose. I love to lie in the fresh air and watch the world go by. I am not a very energetic dog and I consider walks a necessary exercise that I prefer to keep as short as I can. I am housetrained and have lived inside most of my life. I am a little nervous around lots of people at first, so you need to be easy on me. I don't want to go home with other dogs or children as I just don't like them. I love to cuddle and guard the house! I turned 5 a few months ago and did not like celebrating my birthday at the shelter!
**If Opie could call your home his forever home, please take time to meet this sweet guy at the Gulf Coast Humane Society!

Eating habits!

Check out this great article Geoff shows which foods should not be given to us canines! Keep this information handy so you don't accidentally hurt your canine friends and loved ones!

Poisonous foods for dogs

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bode no like....

I am finally over my trauma of the vet's office. I was nervous and they laughed at me! Yes, I realize I weigh 120lbs, but I still get scared very easily...don't you have things that scare you?

Here is how my vet appointment went...I already knew Abbey gets scared and I tried to be tough and tell myself I would be safe and they were nice. I smiled and eagerly walked in and then froze in the doorway. As soon as Tara gave my name I looked for a chair and tried to climb under it...guess what? I don't fit under chairs but I sure do try to get under them! The people in the waiting room started to laugh, so I began to shake and found a corner to put my head in. I told the other dogs that came in that I wanted to be left alone and they listened...I wasn't mean...just said I was scared and the understood.

When it was my turn I politely followed the vet tech back and tried to go under another chair. Those chairs didn't work either so I attempted to sit on Tara...that didn't last long! We then had to go to the scale and I spotted a jar of cookies...I was slightly distracted, so when they asked  me to sit on the scale, I did and proceed to put my paw into the vet tech's paw. Everyone started laughing at me, including Tara! I put my paw down and got weighed and then a couple of the techs were asking me to shake and give them high fives...they loved my skills! Once again I was distracted until I saw the white lab coats...back under the chair I tried to go!

Tara filled them in on how great I am doing and get this...they said my muzzle is graying....WHAT? I don't want to turn gray; I am only 4!! Next I thought was the perfect scenario...I watched the vet tech close the two doors in our room and then carefully I tried to mimic how she turned the handle and escape...Tara sat and laughed, but I kept trying. Then the vet came in...she seems nice but I started to shake and they laughed at how scared I was and said I was the biggest dog in the building but the most afraid!

I had to get a shot and they took blood but I survived and then comes the best part.....COOKIES, COOKIES, COOKIES!

So as much as I don't like the vet, I got through it and got cookies to make friends with them before we left, but I could not get out of there fast enough!!

Just retyping this was stressful...sometimes we have to do things we don't like, but good thing for me that I don't need anymore shots for three more years!!

Time for sleep....


Friday, May 21, 2010

This week's adoptable...

Meet Sheila...
                      She loves to love!

Sheila just turned five, but still has plenty of love and energy to give you! She is medium sized dog and ready to snuggle with you!

According to the Gulf Coast Humane Society..."She is a GSD/Blue Heeler cross and a perfect dog for adults and older teenagers.  Sheila needs her personal space to be respected and does not enjoy hugs from humans, or being jumped all over by other dogs. She is extremely affectionate with those she loves and will be a little protective over them.  A fabulous dog."

Can you give Sheila a forever home? Contact the Gulf Coast Humane Society today!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Safety First!

Buckle up!! That's right...Bode here to tell you that I even ride safely in the car!! I was at work and was getting tired, so Tara asked for a dog swap. Abbey and I switched places, but I had to ride in the smaller car to get home. Since the baby was in the back, that meant I couldn't sit back we tried the front! The alarm kept dinging that told us to buckle my seat belt, so we listened! I felt just like a human and smiled the entire car ride!

Don't forget to buckle up!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

This week's adoptable...

Have you  been checking out our friends who are looking for forever homes?This week we are featuring Slate from the Gulf Coast Humane Society. His 2nd birthday is coming up and you could give him the best gift ever!!

Our contact at the shelter stated: "Slate is a very cool dog, highly active, but mellow once he has worked off his energy. He likes most dogs, gets along with all humans, but might not be a very good idea with very small kids and cats."  

Slate could use a family that is open to helping him learn more training and tricks and really wants a family who likes to run, jog or just go on very long hikes with their faithful companion.

Stop by the Gulf Coast Humane Society, meet Slate and his friends and open your home to be a forever home to a deserving dog, like Slate!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get me out of here....

Did you know that the vet has my file flagged as being overly anxious? I don't know what happens, but when I am at the vet's office, I get silly! Tara took this picture of me trying to sit on her before the doctor came in. I was really trying to convince her to take me home. All I was doing was getting a physical, but it just makes me so nervous....

As soon as we walk in, I crouch down and slink around. I greet other dogs nicely, but don't understand why they aren't scared. Do they not know what is behind those doors? Do they not realize that those people in the white coats with treats are going to do things to their body that make them uncomfortable? At least we get a treat out of it!

I have a clean bill of health, other than my seasonal allergies. I have to take some benedryl when I itch through this flower season, but overall I am great! Bad news was the vet told Tara that I cannot layout in the sun anymore. I am getting more freckles and could get skin cancer...laying out is one of my favorite things to do!

Good thing I got that appointment over if I stay healthy I don't have to go back for awhile! Don't tell Bode but I heard Tara schedule an appointment for him to get three shots in two weeks....

Have a great week,

Abbey (this is me once we got home and I was relaxed!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear retractable leash owners,

I know it is easy to walk your dogs on retractable leashes, but it's not always used properly! Did you know that other dogs do not know your leash is retractable? When we are passing you and you are not paying attention to your dog and let them extend the leash until they almost reach us, we (dogs on standard leashes) become agitated and go into a defense mode. Please be aware of others and don't use a retractable leash just so you don't have to keep up with your dog!



**Hi Blog followers,

Bode here! Just got back from a walk with Tara and the baby. This man was on his cell phone and all over the street letting his dog on the retractable leash pull him around. I thought the dog was not on a leash and got anxious, however I eventually saw the leash but still could not get calm because the dog was coming for our baby!! Finally the man realized what was happening and wanted to know why my tail went down. Tara explained I was startled and protecting her and the baby. The man finally got it and went to the other side of the street. Retractable leashes are hard to see and I just wasn't sure what this other dog was going to do! Maybe now I will remember him and not get so scared, but I think everyone should have to have bright colored leashes like my Red Sox leash!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This week's adoptable...

Meet Buster!

Buster is at the Gulf Coast Humane Society and wanting to find his forever home! The GCHS says:
Buster is a super, wonderful dog!! He must know that he looks like a teddy bear, because he acts like one too. He loves people and cuddling and giving them kisses.

Have you stopped by the Humane Society recently to check out Buster and his friends?  Are you ready to open your home to some four legged love? Buster is your guy! Visit: for more information on how to meet Buster and the other dogs and  cats waiting for you!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a day to spoil Tara! She is our human mommy and we love her very much! We all got to sleep in together, take a nap, layout in the sun, and play with the baby!

We hope each of you are loving your human or four-legged mommy's today, as it is the day to celebrate them!!

With love,

Abbey and Bode

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby stuff is fun!

I found a new hiding place! One of the baby's play mats was put on my bed, so I decided that I must be allowed to use it! It is so soft and cuddly...I wonder if it can be mine? I didn't realize it was a hiding place until I heard Tara looking for me and realized she couldn't see me because of the sides that come up. I eventually made some noise so she could find me.

Do you have a hiding place? Is it as fun as mine? I think having a hiding place is a good thing so that we can rest and take a breath away from all the busy times in our lives!

Alright, enough blogging...I'm going to see if I can go back in there before the baby needs it!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Tara wears our baby around

Have you heard of baby wearing? We watch it all the time  but don't want to try it! Tara wears the baby in this thing called a sleepy wrap so she can still play with us, cook, and do work while she is at home. Everyone seems calms when the baby is in the wrap and it looks like she ties it around her different ways. We tried to get a picture, but since we can't snap the camera button we have to wait for another human to be home!

Here is a link to a blog that is giving away a sleep wrap, you should check it out: