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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Get me out of here....

Did you know that the vet has my file flagged as being overly anxious? I don't know what happens, but when I am at the vet's office, I get silly! Tara took this picture of me trying to sit on her before the doctor came in. I was really trying to convince her to take me home. All I was doing was getting a physical, but it just makes me so nervous....

As soon as we walk in, I crouch down and slink around. I greet other dogs nicely, but don't understand why they aren't scared. Do they not know what is behind those doors? Do they not realize that those people in the white coats with treats are going to do things to their body that make them uncomfortable? At least we get a treat out of it!

I have a clean bill of health, other than my seasonal allergies. I have to take some benedryl when I itch through this flower season, but overall I am great! Bad news was the vet told Tara that I cannot layout in the sun anymore. I am getting more freckles and could get skin cancer...laying out is one of my favorite things to do!

Good thing I got that appointment over if I stay healthy I don't have to go back for awhile! Don't tell Bode but I heard Tara schedule an appointment for him to get three shots in two weeks....

Have a great week,

Abbey (this is me once we got home and I was relaxed!)

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