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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bode no like....

I am finally over my trauma of the vet's office. I was nervous and they laughed at me! Yes, I realize I weigh 120lbs, but I still get scared very easily...don't you have things that scare you?

Here is how my vet appointment went...I already knew Abbey gets scared and I tried to be tough and tell myself I would be safe and they were nice. I smiled and eagerly walked in and then froze in the doorway. As soon as Tara gave my name I looked for a chair and tried to climb under it...guess what? I don't fit under chairs but I sure do try to get under them! The people in the waiting room started to laugh, so I began to shake and found a corner to put my head in. I told the other dogs that came in that I wanted to be left alone and they listened...I wasn't mean...just said I was scared and the understood.

When it was my turn I politely followed the vet tech back and tried to go under another chair. Those chairs didn't work either so I attempted to sit on Tara...that didn't last long! We then had to go to the scale and I spotted a jar of cookies...I was slightly distracted, so when they asked  me to sit on the scale, I did and proceed to put my paw into the vet tech's paw. Everyone started laughing at me, including Tara! I put my paw down and got weighed and then a couple of the techs were asking me to shake and give them high fives...they loved my skills! Once again I was distracted until I saw the white lab coats...back under the chair I tried to go!

Tara filled them in on how great I am doing and get this...they said my muzzle is graying....WHAT? I don't want to turn gray; I am only 4!! Next I thought was the perfect scenario...I watched the vet tech close the two doors in our room and then carefully I tried to mimic how she turned the handle and escape...Tara sat and laughed, but I kept trying. Then the vet came in...she seems nice but I started to shake and they laughed at how scared I was and said I was the biggest dog in the building but the most afraid!

I had to get a shot and they took blood but I survived and then comes the best part.....COOKIES, COOKIES, COOKIES!

So as much as I don't like the vet, I got through it and got cookies to make friends with them before we left, but I could not get out of there fast enough!!

Just retyping this was stressful...sometimes we have to do things we don't like, but good thing for me that I don't need anymore shots for three more years!!

Time for sleep....


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