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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We have missed you!

Abbey and Bode here..yes we are back! Sorry for the delay in updating you on happenings with us and the practice, but time escaped us! Abbey is finally feeling better and no longer sick. What a relief as it was scary for both of us! She still can't eat everything, but has learned what she needs to avoid.

We have been busy getting used to sharing the clients and Bode is catching up on some much needed rest. Bode wasn't so happy to have one of his clients chose Abbey over him in a session last week and Liz (one of the human counselors at the practice) caught a photo of it but it won't load right now to the blog!

We have had lots of foster dogs here the past month. Zoey was adopted, then we went to pick up Priscilla and she got adopted, Max was with us for a few hours and got adopted, then Cam was here for a week and now we have Connor who has been here almost two weeks. We are so happy they are all finding forever homes but really like getting to know them and showing them our training. None of them have understood "work" and get confused at our excitement in going. We forget to help them when we are at the office. When we go into work mode, that is all we think about!

We will try to do better and updating this!

Abbey and Bode!