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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Friends...on a rainy day!

Baxter and Rascal came to play again today. Oh what fun we had! Rascal and Abbey slept a lot, but joined in sometimes. Baxter and I made up lots of new games with the toys and created obstacle courses throughout the house--the couches, pillows, chairs, and blankets were everywhere. It was rainy all day, so we had to be creative.

Tara decided it was a no TV day, which was good because we don't really know what is happening on that talking box. I see colors and hear noises, but can't figure it out! She cleaned and did laundry with our help too--we got in trouble for taking all the socks from the basket once they were clean. I love socks--actually all 4 of us loved socks today!

Yesterday was Worldwide Day of Play and we extended it to today as well! We hope you all took time to turn off your televisions, even though there was good football on both days, and spent time playing with those you love! Play can be creative or using pre-created games such as board games...avoid anything that takes away your own thinking such as video games or toys that talk on their own.

My favorite toy right now is my stuffed Moosey...Abbey loves her Soccer ball...what is your favorite toy?

Gotta go clean up the mess....


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Helping Hand

We know it has been a long time since our last post and we apologize, but we had a lot to do! Tara's aunt is in the hospital and we brought her dog to our house. This has been hard on both of us as she has never been around dogs before and we just want to help her learn the rules of the house!

It is now day 11 and she is finally catching on! She still doesn't like Geoff--or any man for that matter, but we are working on it! We have learned a very good lesson about patience in helping others. No one knew Mollie wold be here this long, so we took turns tolerating her and now we are all getting along! Mollie didn't know how to do things like sit, use the doggie door, or play with toys! Good thing we are good teachers!

We hope that when you can, you help someone in need! This means putting yourself out there and being uncomfortable at times! What a life lesson!

The picture below is one of the crazy locations we have found Mollie--on the pool table! She has also been found sitting in the bathtub, on the outside dining table, and on the ledge in front of the fireplace!

Time for a nap as she just mastered the doggie door this morning and it was a chore!!

With love,

Abbey and Bode

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Power of "NO"

This is Abbey, but I am going to share with you something that happened to Bode this week--he is embarrassed, but I think it is a good lesson!

Bode was working with Tara and our new intern, Veronica, with a young girl. They were discussing manners and having a tea party. From the sounds of it, the adults were really not following etiquette and Bode decided to follow-along. Bode threw his cup and the client asked to talk to him. Bode said he walked over to her and at the same time she asked him to do something he got an itch. It wasn't a bad itch, just one that made his head shake. The client was looked like Bode told her "NO". Tara just sat and watched as the client worked with her feelings of being told "NO" by a dog.

What a powerful event to have happen and Bode feels horrible for telling her "NO". Tara tried to explain how helpful it was as the client was able to process how it must feel to be her parents or siblings and be told "NO" when asked to do something. Tara says you could see the "light bulb" go off and then the play turned to everyone following their best manners. Bode says he followed all directions and there were no further problems.

"NO" is a powerful word--do you know the right and wrong times to use it? There are also ways to say "NO" without words, such as Bode shaking his head. Bode and I sometimes get in trouble at home when we ignore the command to come in from the yard, ignoring is the same as "NO" too!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Familiy...they say you only get one...

Hey, How's life? Mine is great--I have been working hard and had Rascal and Baxter (our cousins) stay the week with us. We have tried hard to teach Baxter good manners since he is only a puppy and he is doing ok! Good thing I can escape at work sometimes.

It is hard today to pick which lesson to share with you. I think it will be one on the importance of family. I heard Tara telling one of the kids recently that family is important and the goal is for them to be with you through thick and thin. One of the kids said they were told you only get one family and was concerned about how children get adopted. Good thing I was there to share my thoughts on this....I don't know my biological family at all! Abbey met her mom, brother, and sister, but it is just me--that's ok though because I wouldn't trade my family for the world! Sometimes your biological family cannot take care of you by choice or because of choices they make...then you get another chance! There are foster families and adoptive families out there that help children (and dogs) feel welcomed when they cannot be with their biological parents. So you can have multiple families, but focus on those that accept you for who you are and help you become a better person!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Helping CARES Help Others

Hi to all our friends!

We are asking for help and you can help save a life with us! We help Tara with a non-profit, CARES Suicide Prevention, and love our work there. We get to go to events and sometime Board of Directors Meetings, as well as working with the support groups! They are trying to increase their membership through Facebook and raise money for the first resource center in our area for prevention and education efforts. We are looking for people in numbers and if you can, through donations, but mostly to increase our numbers!

To have your human friends join, please use this

If you know someone that wants to donate (with or without joining) use this

Thanks for your help! You can always view the CARES website for information:!

Love, Abbey and Bode

Autism and kids...

I just got back from work, and yes we work on Labor Day! There were some kids that just needed to see me! I got to play with one of my favorite types of kids, those with Autism.

They are so much fun to work with and so unique. I like helping them with their social skills and teaching them the best way to interact with me. Today we played the sticker game as well as built houses that he used for parallel play. I got to be the "nice giant" and go into the houses...oh what fun!

We have an intern too and I had trouble not licking her today. Tara says I need to work on that because not everyone likes my kisses all the time!

If you want to support Autism research, join your local walk! These kids have so much to give!

Have a great Labor Day!