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Monday, September 1, 2008

Autism and kids...

I just got back from work, and yes we work on Labor Day! There were some kids that just needed to see me! I got to play with one of my favorite types of kids, those with Autism.

They are so much fun to work with and so unique. I like helping them with their social skills and teaching them the best way to interact with me. Today we played the sticker game as well as built houses that he used for parallel play. I got to be the "nice giant" and go into the houses...oh what fun!

We have an intern too and I had trouble not licking her today. Tara says I need to work on that because not everyone likes my kisses all the time!

If you want to support Autism research, join your local walk! These kids have so much to give!

Have a great Labor Day!


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