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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Power of "NO"

This is Abbey, but I am going to share with you something that happened to Bode this week--he is embarrassed, but I think it is a good lesson!

Bode was working with Tara and our new intern, Veronica, with a young girl. They were discussing manners and having a tea party. From the sounds of it, the adults were really not following etiquette and Bode decided to follow-along. Bode threw his cup and the client asked to talk to him. Bode said he walked over to her and at the same time she asked him to do something he got an itch. It wasn't a bad itch, just one that made his head shake. The client was looked like Bode told her "NO". Tara just sat and watched as the client worked with her feelings of being told "NO" by a dog.

What a powerful event to have happen and Bode feels horrible for telling her "NO". Tara tried to explain how helpful it was as the client was able to process how it must feel to be her parents or siblings and be told "NO" when asked to do something. Tara says you could see the "light bulb" go off and then the play turned to everyone following their best manners. Bode says he followed all directions and there were no further problems.

"NO" is a powerful word--do you know the right and wrong times to use it? There are also ways to say "NO" without words, such as Bode shaking his head. Bode and I sometimes get in trouble at home when we ignore the command to come in from the yard, ignoring is the same as "NO" too!

Have a great week!

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