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Sunday, November 27, 2011

We have missed you...

Have you missed us? We sure have missed you! Life can get ahead of us pretty quick and since we need help to type these, we are also dependent on Tara's schedule!

We are so thankful for all of you that read this and the amazing emails we get along with comments at events and the random comment here on the blog. Please continue to follow us and share our blog with others!

We now have our own email address! You can reach either of us or any of the therapy dogs at it: We prefer to communicate here though!

Let's recap since our last post...
It has been over two months. Wow! Again, sorry! Well our foster siblings have all been adopted and we are taking a week to regroup. Did you know that we have had a total of 19 foster siblings in three years? We are blessed to be able to keep in touch with several of their families and see them grow and learn.

We have had so many great events at our office and in the community where we are spreading the word on the benefits of dogs in the therapy room and in individual homes.

Over Thanksgiving, one of our canine co-therapists, Somer, and her new puppy sister Lexi stayed for a few days. That was really fun since we usually only get to see each other at the office.

Today we decorated the inside of the house for Christmas. It smells so good with that tree inside, but we are keeping our eye on it--you know, trees are supposed to stay outside, however this one usually has gifts under it for us at some point!

We are setting a weekly reminder (at a minimum) to have Tara update this blog. Talk with you soon!

Abbey and Bode!