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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best Friends...on a rainy day!

Baxter and Rascal came to play again today. Oh what fun we had! Rascal and Abbey slept a lot, but joined in sometimes. Baxter and I made up lots of new games with the toys and created obstacle courses throughout the house--the couches, pillows, chairs, and blankets were everywhere. It was rainy all day, so we had to be creative.

Tara decided it was a no TV day, which was good because we don't really know what is happening on that talking box. I see colors and hear noises, but can't figure it out! She cleaned and did laundry with our help too--we got in trouble for taking all the socks from the basket once they were clean. I love socks--actually all 4 of us loved socks today!

Yesterday was Worldwide Day of Play and we extended it to today as well! We hope you all took time to turn off your televisions, even though there was good football on both days, and spent time playing with those you love! Play can be creative or using pre-created games such as board games...avoid anything that takes away your own thinking such as video games or toys that talk on their own.

My favorite toy right now is my stuffed Moosey...Abbey loves her Soccer ball...what is your favorite toy?

Gotta go clean up the mess....


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