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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear retractable leash owners,

I know it is easy to walk your dogs on retractable leashes, but it's not always used properly! Did you know that other dogs do not know your leash is retractable? When we are passing you and you are not paying attention to your dog and let them extend the leash until they almost reach us, we (dogs on standard leashes) become agitated and go into a defense mode. Please be aware of others and don't use a retractable leash just so you don't have to keep up with your dog!



**Hi Blog followers,

Bode here! Just got back from a walk with Tara and the baby. This man was on his cell phone and all over the street letting his dog on the retractable leash pull him around. I thought the dog was not on a leash and got anxious, however I eventually saw the leash but still could not get calm because the dog was coming for our baby!! Finally the man realized what was happening and wanted to know why my tail went down. Tara explained I was startled and protecting her and the baby. The man finally got it and went to the other side of the street. Retractable leashes are hard to see and I just wasn't sure what this other dog was going to do! Maybe now I will remember him and not get so scared, but I think everyone should have to have bright colored leashes like my Red Sox leash!!

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