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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

You should love your mom every day of your life....and show her! In case you don't, there is a day called Mother's Day, it is today (hope you already knew that!), to remind you and give you lots of ideas on how to spoil your mom.

We love our mom so much! We try to remind her every day with lots of love and closeness. We know we are adopted, so that makes our relationship even more special to us. We were chosen! No matter how your relationship with your mom happened, it is unique!

Some of our clients had trouble this week with knowing Mother's Day was approaching. When you have had your mom die, have been taken away from her for various reasons, or maybe never even knew her, you may turn to someone else. That new "mom" will never be the same as the woman you were born too, but in some cases that is so much better!

The definition of mom was also debated this week by some of our clients. Is a mom someone that you are born to or does it take more to be a mom? What about the term mother? Everyone has their own definitions for each. Sometimes they are emotionally driven and sometimes they are just words.

To us, our mom is Tara and she is not only our mom, but our trainer, coach, co-therapist, and more!

Before we sign off, we want to let you know that we are thinking of those of you that are struggling with the loss of your mom, the loss of a child, and those that are trying hard to become a mom and experiencing struggles with that. Today is hard for you and we know that!

In honor of moms of all kinds...Happy Mother's Day!


Abbey and Bode

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