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Sunday, December 14, 2008

We have been busy....

Sorry for not keeping up with our blog. Our life has been very busy but enjoyable. Just to get you up to date, we are working hard at our phobia of being around other dogs and starting to make new friends. Veronica, our intern, graduated and we are hoping to hire her on so that we all (Tara, too) can help more kids. Geoff celebrated a BIG birthday and they went on a cruise...did you know dog's are not allowed on cruise ships--NO FAIR! It sounded so fun, except for all that water...that part is very scary.

Baxter, Rascal, and Brooke stayed a few days with us again! We love visitors!

Oh and the biggest is almost Christmas...we love Christmas!! Our tree is up with presents under it (we can't tell if they are for us or not), but we love to sleep next to the tree! There are many new things in the neighborhood that startle us on our walks...we don't like blow up lawn ornaments! We bark at ours every night when the timer turns it on. It just doesn't seem right! The lights are so pretty though!

We hope each of your are getting ready for your winter holidays and would love to hear about your favorite things! We will try to blog more as we miss keeping up with everyone!

With love,
Abbey and Bode

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