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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Allergic to playroom?

Hi, it's Abbey!

Have you ever had itchy skin and you don't know why? Well this has been happening to me lately in the office. I get itchy and a slight rash in my ears and I don't want this to happen! Tara has cleaned everything and cannot figure out what causes. I don't want to stop working!!

We cleaned every toy, carpet, blanket, pillow, chair, and more...nothing is helping! It happens in the CARES side and our offices...what is bothering my skin!! I have taken some benedryl, but that doesn't always help. I really want to be there with the kids but I itch SOOOO bad!!

Could I be allergic to my favorite thing...WORK? Tara has thought about taking me to the doctor, but 15 minutes after we leave work, my skin quickly clears up and I am not itchy anymore. Everyone is stumped! Any ideas on how to get through this?

Merry Christmas!


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