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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good bye Mama...

Abbey's birthday was a good day and sad day at the same time. Mama passed away and we all began to experience our own grief that we work so hard with all the kids on. Mama was Geoff's grandmother, and we began to love visiting her at the nursing home.

We learned this week that taking your own mental health days, along with your human counter parts, is critical in being able to return to work and do the best job possible. There are many reasons for mental health days, but when you have a loss it is critical to spend time with your family and with yourself to remember the good times.

We played fetch, laid around, watched TV, and visited with family. We are noticing our own family members experiencing different grief stages and trying to cope with others being in a different stage.

We may be getting a new office, pray for us as it would be closer to home and we could go every day as we would have our own room to rest when we aren't with the kids!

Until next time~~ Abbey and Bode

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