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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sand Therapy and Pet Therapy...

Today I worked with a client that didn't really need me in her session, but I was able to learn from her. She played with me and pet me, however she seemed more into using the sand tray. Tara allows many of the kids to play in the sand (I don't like the way it tastes or feels on my paws). Sand apparently is therapeutic for humans, but as a dog, I just want to dig in it!

This client was talking about something really bad that happened to her and as she put her hands in the sand and moved them around, she began to talk more. She then put some colored stones into the sand and buried them. As she continued to bury and then search, she began to talk more and more about things she has experienced. I sat next to her and chewed on a chewy while we listened to her processing this trauma. As she played and talked, her breathing slowed down and her shoulders relaxed---something about the sand substance appeared to soothe her and I have seen this with many of the other kids too.

What a relaxing and growing experience to be there to feel the energy change within the room while the kids use the sand...maybe we all should take beach days to relax ourselves in big sand boxes every so often!

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