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Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're back open!

What an adventure the last week has been! Tara broke her hand right before our big move and the the city took forever for their permitting. Finally, we are back to work. It was so wonderful to see the client's reactions to our bigger space. The canal view is so soothing and some of the kids incorporated it into their play. The best news is that we are so close to home now, that we both got to work in the same day!

Abbey enjoyed her sessions and found the puppet show one of the clients put on to be enlightening. She was able to watch him role play the trauma he has experienced in his life through the bigger puppet area that we now have. After releasing his trauma, he laid with her on the floor and rolled around and giggled with all the kisses she provided him. That was the first time that little boy has bounced out of a session and a visible release was seen through his posture.

Bode worked with a family and used some sensory tools to encourage them to work together and recognize how they interpret things differently. It was amazing to see the realization that this was ok to be different and perceive things differently yet be in the same family. It was even better that a whole family, Tara and Bode could all fit in the new-improved-extra-large playroom.

We'll keep you updated on our adventures now that we have grown and have more room to work!

Abbey and Bode

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