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Sunday, May 4, 2008's good for you!

It's Abbey...have you ever had those days were you go and go and forget to check in with yourself to see what you are going and going for? I have found that if you stop and smile about the positives you can slow down just a bit. I love to work with the kids and have found that they all smile when they see Bode and I. When they smile they usually stop and slow down to play with us and then engage us in what they are doing.

Smiling is a universal communicator with no verbal need. Smiling allows those around you to know something is positive with out it being described. I have been pulling extra hours this week, which makes me smile, since Tara can't have Bode too much around her hand or on a leash (poor Bode :( He thinks it was his fault and doesn't understand that he is just too big and heavy on the leash for Tara with only one hand--see below if you don't know about Tara's hand). Through these hours I have gotten to see more smiling and progress through some of the kids and encouraged those that who thought there was nothing to smile about to try it. There was a lot of sandplay this week, which was good since Tara went to that training, and so many of the kids took deep breathes and smiled as they looked at their sandtrays.

Here is a picture of Brooke, a family member, smiling while holding me...I was smiling but always seem to stop when that camera thing comes out :)

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