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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too Cool...

Hey it's Bode! I know we just posted a welcome to Julie, however I wanted to let you know about something I have learned. I have learned how to exert my power and say "No". That's right, I will now shake my head "no" if I do not want to do what you ask of me.

Tara seems a little worried about this, but it did shock some of our clients and help therapeutically (Tara always uses that word). She said I implemented this power appropriately with a couple of clients but she seems worried I may just start to say "no" to everything. I would never say "no" to cookies and love...but we'll have to see how else this new trick plays out!

I wonder what else I can learn that will surprise our clients, and Tara too....hmmmm.....

While I was exerting my coolness, I tried on Geoff's sunglasses and got caught by a picture. Abbey is making me post it. Enjoy!


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