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Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's March and there seem to be so many celebrations happening! Bode's birthday was February 1st, mine is coming on March 31st, and there are many things that the humans keep going to. We are learning that because we have 4 legs, we are not always welcomed at these places. We are ok with some of this, but know we are missing fun somewhere--Tara says that we would not have fun at some of them! We had to go stay with Gracie and Dante this weekend because Tara and Geoff were at a wedding for Chad, he is our friend too. Weddings sound boring to me, so I am ok with this. We had a lot of fun with our play date weekend but are glad to be home and catching up on snuggling time!

I am wondering what everyone else thinks about celebrations--do you have a favorite or a least favorite? I think birthdays are my favorite because we get special treats with yogurt frosting on them--yum!

Now I am really excited for my birthday!

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