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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blackey got a home!

One more thing...

Abbey and I forgot to announce that the same day I got my head wrapped up from my boo-boo, we found Blackey (our first foster) a forever home! He was so happy and it seems like a great family!

In the two weeks we had him, we really loved him but knew it wasn't forever. We are so proud of Geoff and Tara for finding him a forever home to be loved as much as we are. We are taking a break and then will get our next foster. More news on that when it happens! Blackey was in the shelter 15 months before we got him and then in two short weeks, we were able to successfully place him! We are proud of this quickness, and I think the shelter is too!

Thanks for your support with him and we will let you know who is next so you can help us find that dog a forever home too!


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