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Monday, February 6, 2012

Bode's Home

Bode got home around 7 tonight. He is sleeping now and still coming out of the anesthesia. Tara said he was so excited to see her, but was so groggy from the meds that he was having trouble standing. Bode is definitely not feeling himself and very much showing signs of pain and discomfort, but who wouldn't be after that.

They were able to update some of the tests before the procedure and were ready to see what the endoscopy showed. The specialist said she was not expecting what she found. Bode's small intestine was instantly reluctant to let the endoscope through. The doctor described what should be rather smooth as appearing to be like a "cobblestone". The endoscope kept getting stuck and causing excessive bleeding. They had to give him a steroid in his IV to reduce the swelling in order to get the scope back out. The biopsies were sent to the lab and should be back on Thursday at the latest. The steroid should also mask some of the discomfort for the next 24-48 hours, but he is still supposed to lay low and remain calm.

Tara has filled us in with the best and worst case scenarios that the doctor shared. It is too much to share here, but once we know for certain, we will share. Bode's quality of life should not be impacted at all--Tara says no matter the outcome, however whatever he has is not curable, only treatable in the doctors eyes.

Bode is snoring with Chicklette cuddled up with him so I think I will go join in.

Tara asked me to thank all of you for your continued support and prayers. The texts, calls, emails, and Facebook messages have been very appreciated.

Bode (along with Tara and I) know our clients are missing him as much as he misses them, but right now he is not able to be in the office.

Until the next update...


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