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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I LOVE Work!

Tara took me to work today. I was so excited...but then she told me that I could just be present and couldn't work. I am feeling a little better today, so this was very sad to me! I was only there for one client and listened to Tara, but it was hard. She caught me staring at her here and I think my eyes clearly show what I wanted... TO WORK!

I went back to the vet yesterday. I don't like it there, but I know they are trying to help me. I tried to sit in Tara's lap...that didn't go so well either! Kim (Tara calls her the tech) and Dr. Trainor are really nice, but I am so scared with the things they try to do to me. I know it is to get me healthy, but shouldn't my blood stay inside of me? Why do they need it?

I have been having some struggles since they diagnosed me and they are rather embarrassing.  Dr. Trainor feels they are side effects to the medicines (I am taking five), but I hate it! I have to go potty all the time and can't hold it. A few times I didn't even know I had to go. Tara has had to wash my bed every day and sometimes her bed (and Abbey's...). I am housebroken, so this is NOT ok! Tara doesn't get mad, but I do. I also keep panting and drinking lots of water. Oh, did I mention that I have not been eating? Dr. Trainor gave me an appetite stimulant, so yesterday and today I ate; however the last week or so I couldn't. I would eat when I had to (maybe a 1/2 cup here and there), but not my full 6 cups a day.

My blood work came back today showing some elevations in my liver, but that was not surprising considering my symptoms. We are going to check back in on Thursday to see how I am I had the best day I have had. Even though Tara wouldn't let me work, I came home and was able to have the energy to play with my two foster sisters. (We got a new foster sister on Sunday!) Tara was so proud of me for playing and so was I! I am crashing now and ready for bed...hoping I have the energy tomorrow too!

Self reflection...I do this a lot! The mirror helps!

We will continue to keep you updated!


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