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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Our clients come to us for many reasons. We help them find the positives through the pains. Our work always focuses on a theme of hope, however there are often times in which clients feel there isn't hope. We have several clients that feel pressed for time to process and move on because other life events are moving them forward faster than they are ready. These events could include college, moving, court cases, etc.

We would like to take a minute to focus on the celebration of events in the lives of our clients that we have heard in the past month. Most of these celebrations are from current clients, however some are from past clients who wanted to give us updates...we love updates from past clients!

Congrats to our clients who were accepted to their top college choices...some of which are prestigious, Ivy League schools!!  Congrats to our clients who lost touch with loved ones, but have found ways to reconnect and forgive (but not forget).  Congrats to our clients who were able to secure scholarships for college and private school educations! Congrats to those that have found the love of their life and are recently engaged and those that are getting married!

Won't you celebrate with us all these great things!!

Abbey and Bode

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