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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All sorts of energy....

I got to work today!! I have gone in over the past few weeks, but today I really go to work!!! (Abbey and I realized we forgot to blog about last week's amazing training, but we will soon!) Here I am going to work...check out my smile! It was partially  because of going to work and also because Tara put the seats down so I had LOTS of room! (Abbey was too interested in what was outside so she is only part way in this photo).
We also took our foster brother, Bootsy (the Jack Russell) with us to our office (Delta Family Counseling). He was binging around the car so you can't see him. He bings around a lot. I get tired watching him.  We taught Bootsy some great things about "work" and showed him the ropes. Tara left him with our...I mean her assistant, Timmy, while we had an intake session and we heard him crying. Abbey told me later that Timmy let Bootsy sit on his lap to calm him down. Puppies get everything! No one ever invites me to sit on their lap!

Here is me during a session. I was so happy I couldn't contain it! I was able to sit in on an intake and also an ADHD session that Bootsy was brought in for.  I am glad he was able to do that one as I just was able to sit here, smile, and watch. The clients still engaged me, but I just wanted to be present today. I played if they asked, but was not really initiating as I was just taking it all in!

Do you know about ADHD? I do. I love those clients. They bing, bing, bing around the room like Bootsy does at our house. It is tiring, but they are fun and loving. They always know what they want to do it, how they want to do it, and what they want to do next.

Bootsy was able to see a parallel to his personality. As they binged around together, some mirroring took place and the client was able to provide some introspect into life, challenges, and how others may view kids with this kind of energy and attention levels.

They played golf for a bit..

and had some puppet shows...Legos, fetch, drawing...

and then something magical happened....

Out like a light! (You can see my tail...I stayed there just about the whole time)! Have you been around anyone with ADHD? You probably have but didn't realize it. It's not just kids either!

Off to bed...we have some pretty big posts coming up this week, so watch for them!


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