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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where to start

Where to start...

It has been a whirlwind these past few weeks. We have thought about posting quite often and just have not had time. Bode went to bed early tonight (I think the time change was a little much for him!)

Let me start by sharing my feelings about some recent developments at home. I LOVE fostering and having foster siblings, but not too many. Chicklette and Sleigh Belle have learned the hierarchy here and respect it. We had a great status quo going on while we are waiting for their forever homes....then another dog came home. Tara didn't do it...but he is here! We have an 11 month old foster brother who is WILD. Bootsy...who will be renamed...came home on Tuesday. Our human dad thinks he may want to adopt him. We have not had a "foster fail" yet and Tara isn't all the way on board with this, so he is still up for adoption.

This is what I thought of that:

I laid in his spot in the bed and did not want to be talked to or touched. It took me a whole day to get over it....but in the meantime I made sure that puppy knew I was the boss and the leader of the pack in this house!

Have you ever had extra people invade your house? How do you handle it? I just don't want to share! Luckily the new puppy doesn't get to go to work, so that was my safe escape!

Bode isn't back to being 100% yet, so he isn't at work either, although Tara lets him go a few places with her (he will blog about one soon).

Back to the specialist he went on Thursday and here is that update. Bode has gained back 8lbs with the new meds and special diet, however there is concern over how the weight is coming on as he still isn't able to keep everything in all the time. They made some changes to his meds to see how he would do and so far so good! The new "novel protein" bison diet smells so good, but I am not allowed to have any. Bode gobbles it up and asks for more...which is not a norm for him!  The prednisone is starting to taper off, so hopefully that will help Bode not to be so hungry and thirsty all the time. He has a digestive bacterial infection, so they started another antibiotic along with the other meds. We can tell this has been the best med change so far based on his increased energy.

We are hoping Bode makes some big strides this week as there is a BIG training coming to town that we get to be part of and I don't want to see him miss out!!

Bode will blog soon about his visit to PACE...


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