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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treatable vs Curable

Today we learned that there is a big difference between treating something and curing something. Bode's biopsy results came back. He can be treated but what he has is not curable. He has an immune suppression disorder combined with irritable bowel syndrome.

Tonight he started a heavy, eight week, steroid regimen with other antibiotics that will taper throughout. During this, more tests will be run to ensure the dosing and meds do not cause other organs to face difficulty in processing. Goal #1 is to get him to eat and be able to process the food. Once he is eating and putting some of the 16 lbs on that he lost, we will switch to a protein rich prescription food. Goal #2 is to get him to feeling more energized and like himself. Goal #3 (which if you asked Bode, he would say was the first priority) is to get Bode back to work.

He is not thrilled to have to continue 3x a day medication, but believing that it will help has given us all hope. Tonight Tara took him to play with our first foster sibling, Blackey. He lives with our grandparents. Bode was able to play for a few minutes and then they just hung out together. Bode has not eaten more than a 1.5 cups of food this week (he used to eat 6 a day). Goal #1 will hopefully be fast...however we are cautious as they thought the steroid on Monday was supposed to do the same (the one he received through his IV during his procedure), but didn't.

Continue hoping and praying for speedy results so that Bode can return to his favorite thing...WORK!


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