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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Celebrating life

Geoff and Tara are getting ready to go to a memorial service and we thought we would blog about this. People come in and out of our lives daily. Some my choice, others by chance. We never know the common factor of "why" we were apart of that person's life or when their time on Earth is up. This goes for animals too!

Celebrating someone's life is the most important part of a death. We are saddened by the loss, but need to remember the good times. When it is a tragic death, such as a suicide, we have many questions and do not clearly understand what is happening. This can happen to with natural death.

We, our family, has experienced many deaths lately and are focusing on the good. Just this month, Geoff''s "Pa" (grandpa) died; Steve (a friend of CARES and the service they are getting ready to go to; and our friend Jessica's mom a couple of days ago. Earlier this summer, we lost our canine friend Murphy and miss him dearly.

We remember our play dates with Murphy. We wish we could still have them, but know there was a reason he only had 4 years on Earth with Colleen and the rest of us.

As Geoff and Tara leave to celebrate Steve's life at this memorial service, we challenge you to reflect on those you love that have died and try and identify your favorite memory of that person or dog.

Sending love to everyone...

Abbey and Bode

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