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Saturday, June 19, 2010

MY BUNNY!!!!!!!

For those of you that follow our blog, you know I have a bunny at work that I love oh so much! It is the only toy I keep at the office and it makes me feel safe. When I am tired or nervous, I suck on my bunny to help me sleep. Yesterday my bunny became part of the therapy!

It was my third client of the day, which is my limit, and I was becoming very sleepy. Our client started playing basketball. He talked about things that he was working on and then grabbed my bunny. I didn't know what to I followed him around the room and listened while he held onto my bunny. Next thing I knew...Bunny was in the microwave and I couldn't get it out! Tara thought, once again, that this was funny and turned it into a lesson with our client. Meanwhile I worked to get my bunny out!

What do you do when your favorite item is misplaced or taken from you? Do you know how your favorite toys became your favorite toy? I don't! This is not even a dog toy, it is just a toy that I fell in love with at the office!

Off to bed...dreaming of Bunny!

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