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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting your "angries out"

It is ok to get angry, but it is not ok to hurt someone else with words or touch when you are angry! Today a client and I practiced getting our "angries out" and she taught me how to use the bop bag to do so. It was so fun! I was smiling and wagging my tail. 

I bet you are wondering what could make me angry. Well for starters, sometimes it is just a bad day and the little things get to me. Other days, like today, I get angry because Abbey is sick and I don't know what to do to help her. I know I shouldn't get angry, but it is frustrating. I love my sister so much but I don't know how to help! Tara and I had to run to the vet in between clients to pick up more medicine to try for Abbey as she yet again relapsed. I heard Tara tell the vet that it is every 7-10 days. They are hoping this medicine works, because if it doesn't they have to do something Tara called "invasive tests". 

It was a long day as I had five clients all by myself...well with Tara there too as Abbey is on sick leave again!

Night, night....


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