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Sunday, October 21, 2012

When Life Throws Lemons...

A big reality came to Bode and Tara this week. I have just watched and supported them through this as I am also struggling with it. After taking a week off from work, it became a realization that our vet was right earlier in the year. She told Tara that I was doing great, but that Bode's age was starting to show and that he should go down to part time work.

Tara was sad to hear this and tried it, but Bode resisted and was back to his self and as good as ever with clients. Life was normal as ever and we work our normal client schedules without problem. This past week, I worked a little more as Bode just wanted to be present in the office, but was struggling to engage the clients. He is tired and just wanted to observe. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is not his "normal" and clients were noticing too!

Each night we got home, Bode would go straight to bed and not even eat his dinner. I played a little with our foster siblings, but Bode would just watch. We really missed our family and working while the conference/vacation happened, but sometimes I hear Tara say "our minds and bodies don't think together, we have to teach them to do it". This photo shows how we found him hiding in one of the playrooms when no clients were there!

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This will be the first week where we try keeping Bode at home part time and focusing my efforts with the clients. I know I cannot replace him and there are things he does that I cannot do, but I will try my best as there are some clients I work with that he doesn't: it's the nature of our work for both humans and canines.

Tara's heart is heavy with this decision, but I heard her talking today to someone about how Bode will do more focused efforts with classroom visits and teaching workshops, which he loves more than I do!

We are thankful for the support of our family, our DFC family, and the community in making this difficult transition, but are reminded that life will often throw you lemons and you must decide what do with them!

Good night!


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