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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Keeping updated...

Hi! It has been a long couple of days! Bode had his surgery yesterday for the "mouth" infection. His teeth are nice and pretty as they cleaned them while he was in there.

He is home and resting, but I know he doesn't feel good. He has this strange mark on his nose (see photo below) where you can see that something was on his nose. I thought Tara said oxygen. They had to stop the procedure and do a chest xray as his EKG came back abnormal. They even told Tara that they switched machines and probes after the xray showed his hear to be a normal size, but the negative enzymes on the EKG are a concern that is being reviewed by the cardiologist.

They got the infection and Bode and has medications to take now. The doctor stressed the fact that Bode not only has allergies to all those foods but also has an auto-immune disorder that we have not yet identified and that makes him more likely to not be able to fight off infections he gets. They even said that the allergies were so bad because the body couldn't fight it for him and the same as the mouth.

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Last night Bode wanted to be with just the humans, no other dogs, not even me. I was ok with that as I took care of the foster siblings for him. It was sad that he missed out on his favorite holiday...Bode LOVES Halloween. He came out to greet one set of trick or treaters, but quickly went back into Tara's room and curled up on the bed. He finally ate and then slept most of the rest of the night. He got sick over night and wouldn't eat his breakfast, but Tara and I left it for him in case he got hungry while we are at the office (I am sneaking in this quick blog between clients).

He is going to hopefully rest up and be back to himself soon. In the meantime...I think  I heard my next client walk in....


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