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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bode is Back...

I am back to work and feeling a little better! I only worked with two kids this week but it was great! I got to go for a walk with a little boy and then have a sword fight with the nerf swords. He talked to me about how he used to do these things with his father before he died. I think I am a big help for grieving kids because they tell me all sorts of stories about their loved one that died and I can almost picture that person. It is also ok when they want to sit and cry as I just curl up on the floor with them and allow them to pet me with during the sadness. Tara helps them to remember the good things about that person, she calls it the time in the dash. It reflects the tombstone dash of the years they lived instead of birth and death dates. What a great thing to focus on!! I hope everyone remembers the great things Abbey and I do to help children in our dashes! I hope all of you remember good times of friends, family, and pets you have lost instead of focusing on not having them anymore!

1 comment:

Nando said...

ur dogs are soooo cute!

<3 nando!